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16 Popular Veterinary Focused Social Media Posts for September

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Popular topics a lot of hospitals focus on during September:

Fall Safety (In North America, the first day of fall is towards the end of September)

  • Share an infographic with all food items that are toxic to pets.

  • Host quiz posts that ask, "Which of these are NOT toxic to your pet?" and then show 1-3 pictures of items that aren't toxic AND one that is toxic.

Cat health (for Happy Cat Month)

  • Share tips on how to make cats happy. You could share some of your favorite products your practice commonly recommends here.

  • Create a checklist of what typically makes a cat happy and ask your followers if they would add anything to the list.

Pet insurance education (for National Pet Insurance Month)

  • If your practice is big on pet insurance, use this time to talk about your favorite insurance and how people can learn more.

  • Share a list of the perks pet insurance offers pet owners.

Pain in animals (for Animal Pain Awareness Month)

  • Create a list of symptoms that actually are signs of pain in animals

  • Share a fact about pain in animals that might shock your clients.

  • Answer a FAQ about pain in animals

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Popular social media calendar holidays I suggest you focus on more versus the others:

September 1: Ginger Cat Awareness Month. On Facebook, ask pet owners to share photos or videos of their ginger kitties in the comments. This post idea won't work well on Instagram since users can't share pictures or videos in the comments.

Example social media post for National Ginger Cat Day from Vet Social Hub

Example from the "Fall Quarter Template Pack" from Vet Social Hub

September 5: Labor Day. If your clinic is closed, let your followers know a few days before and the day off. Bonus points for sending an email to your clients too!

September 11: Pet Memorial Day. Ask pet owners to honor their beloved pets and share their favorite memorial of a pet who has passed over the rainbow bridge.

Example of Pet Memorial Day from Vet Social Hub

Example from the "Fall Quarter Template Pack" from Vet Social Hub

September 12: National Day of Encouragement. Ask pet owners, "What is one piece of encouragement you wish you heard as a new pet owner?"

September 18-24: National Dog Week. Ask your followers, "Tell us you're a dog owner without telling us you are a dog owner!"

September 22: First Day of Fall (North America). Ask pet owners if their pet is a fan of the fall season or not.

September 28: World Rabies Day. This is an excellent opportunity to remind people of how prevalent rabies still is and what the signs of rabies are. Then, provide your followers with action steps to vaccinate their pets.

Other things I suggest you consider:

  • Your practice's overall goal for using social media

  • Something you want to promote more of within the clinic (services, products, appointments, announcements, etc.)

  • Upcoming anniversaries of team members or long-term patients

  • Upcoming birthdays of team members or long-term patients

  • Local events your practice is a part of or supporting

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The holidays listed below are worth noting NOW and planning ahead for. We will be sharing blogs in the coming weeks that provide ways you can celebrate, but we wanted to give you a heads-up to give you plenty of time to get ready!

Check back to see when we share the links or join our email list and snag our free quick start guide to managing your clinic's social media here.

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