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Must Use October Social Media Post Ideas for Veterinary Hospitals

Popular topics most veterinary hospitals focus on during October:

Halloween Fun & Safety Tips:

Halloween Safety Tips:

  • Share a checklist of safety measures for pet owners through an infographic or a Reel with your team member holding the items one by one on screen and text saying, " 5 Items Your Pet Needs to Avoid This Halloween."

  • Share a story about a patient who your team saved after eating some Halloween candy they shouldn't have.

Halloween Fun:

  • Share a graphic that says, "Is your pet dressing up for Halloween this year?"

  • Share a graphic that says, "If your pet could choose what would they dress us as for Halloween?"

  • Host a photo contest!

  • On the day of Halloween, ask pet owners to share videos or photos of their pets in the comments on your Facebook. For Instagram, ask followers to tag your clinic's account in their posts or stories with their pet in a Halloween costume.

Wellness or Health Care Plans for National Pet Wellness Month

  • Highlight how your health care plans help make your client's lives easier and allows them to plan for their pet's health care needs. This can be done through a blog post, breaking each point from the blog down into social media posts. You could also make a quick Reel highlighting the benefits of health care plans and encourage people to visit your website for more details or to sign up.

  • Announce that you offer health care plans with a fun reveal countdown and see if people can guess what the big news is. Drop hints in posts for a couple of days and see if people can guess the big news!

National Veterinary Technician Week

  • We have a dedicated blog that lists nine ideas you can use to celebrate your Veterinary Technicians or the entire team! Visit that blog post here.

Are you looking for Vet Tech Week ideas? We got you covered! Visit this blog for engaging Vet Tech Week post ideas.


Popular social media calendar holidays I suggest you focus on more versus the others:

October 1: National Black Dog Day This is a great time to get dog owners of black pups to show off their companions! Ask your followers to show footage of their black pup in the comments.

October 7 - World Smile Day: Ask pet owners to share a photo of their pet smiling or tag you in their stories or post!

October 10 - World Mental Health: Share a fact or stat where pets positively impact their human's mental health. You could even have a team member share how their own pet has had a massive impact on their mental health!

October 12 - National Pet Obesity Day: This is a great time to share tips that help pet owners to keep their pet trim. For your call to action, ask followers to share this post with other pet owners to help you help more pets.

October 15 - National Pug Day or 29 - National Pit Bull Awareness Day: Ask pet owners of these breeds to share their dog's photos in the comments. I encourage you to post the one that will resonate with your audience the most regarding which your clientele owns more or favors.

October 16 - National Boss's Day: This is a great day to highlight who owns your practice and share the vision they have for the practice and how it impacts and benefits your clients' lives! A simple picture of the owner or their celebratory treat will work here! Even better, share a video of your team behind the scenes planning to surprise the owner and preparing to surprise your boss.

October 16-22: Vet Tech Week: See the blog here for our full list (It gets updated each year, so check back often!)

October 29: National Cat Day: Ask your cat lovers to tell you they are a cat owner without telling you they are a cat owner.

October 31 Halloween: Check out the post ideas we shared at the beginning of this blog article.


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