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Cheyanne Flerx

Hey Hey! It's nice to meet you!

I'm a former Veterinary Assistant turned Social Media Marketing Educator & Coach. Over the last 7+ years, I've worked with several veterinary hospitals and the teams behind the hospitals. During that time, I've helped them use social media to transform their online presence and enhance their relationships with their clients and community. 

I've had the privilege and honor to support and teach hundreds of Vet Med professionals how to use social media for their practice and use it to market their services, products, and culture. My mission is to help veterinary practices and their teams to understand and use social media more effectively and efficiently while making it fun and straightforward along the way!

How did I get here?

In 2015, while working as a veterinary assistant at my local small animal veterinary practice, I was asked to help start and manage the clinic's Facebook page. Without prior experience, I eagerly accepted the challenge and dove into learning and figuring out best practices and strategies. I researched how to use Facebook to promote a veterinary clinic and quickly fell in love with the art. My passion for social media marketing was born. 

In 2017, I worked my way up to become the Public Relations/Marketing Manager of the vet clinic. I eventually gained clients outside of the clinic who needed help managing social media for their veterinary practices. I even branched out to help other veterinary businesses, consisting of pet hospice practices, veterinary consultants, and industry companies, with the same request for help with managing their social media. I then realized what a significant need there was for social media education and services in the veterinary industry.

My desire to fill the need for social media marketing support led me to found my social media marketing agency, called HashWag Marketing, in 2018. My agency grew rapidly in its first year of operation, serving over 30 accounts. However, in 2021, the agency was closed. I found myself hungry to give back and focus on educating and empowering veterinary practices to understand and use social media so that they could confidently manage their marketing for their veterinary practices. 

In 2021, I founded Hey Cheyanne, LLC, where I am now pursuing my mission and true passion. My mission is to help veterinary practices and their teams to use and learn social media more effectively and efficiently while making it fun and straightforward along the way. 

Social media doesn't have to be a chore for your practice. So if you're ready to move past the stress and overwhelm and prepared to take a proactive approach to your social media, I'd be honored to help!

Vet Social Hub Membership

Vet Social Hub (VSH) is a monthly social media template membership for veterinary practices looking for engaging social media post ideas and support in creating posts more efficiently.

1:1 Consulting and Team Training

Looking for individualized social media consultation and support for you or for your team? We got your back! Learn more by clicking the button.

Speaking Engagements

Looking to book a passionate speaker who loves to educate veterinary hospitals on social media? Let's connect!

On a personal note...

I'm a born and raised Washington State native, who never really got into the hiking scene. However, I have become quite obsessed with all things coffee and tea and rely on a good mug of either to keep me moving. When I'm not sipping on a decadent cup of caffeine and grinding away on all things social media, I can be found socializing with my indoor plants, playing on my Switch, or snuggling with my Basset Hounds and my chickens. 

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