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My Favorite Tools

Hey Hey! This page does include affiliate links. If you click and purchase, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. I only recommend tools I have personally used, tested & cannot live without. Thanks for visiting!

Canva Pro

Having a great tool to help you design graphics and visuals for your business is such an asset. Canva Pro is my go-to graphic design tool due to its easy to navigate interface and flexibility. In addition, they have a free plan you can use to get going. The upgraded plan (a.k.a Canva Pro) truly offers a tonnnn of features that real-time-savers, like the ability to remove backgrounds, save brand assets, and resize your images for different projects and platforms.


This tool has been my go-to for creating social media calendars, content calendars, tracking and organizing marketing campaigns, and wayyy more! It's like Google Sheets on steroids. Their free plan is pretty robust! I will say Airtable can be a little bit of a learning curve, but to me, it's so worth it!


ClickUp is my go-to task and project management tool! I track all of my client work, projects, social media posts, blog posts, client portals, goals, and more all in this one tool. I basically run most of my business through ClickUp; I'd be lost without it! So give their free plan a try and watch your productive level soar!


If you are a fan of brainstorming your thoughts on a whiteboard, then hold on to your socks cause Milanote will blow you away! This tool is where I map out all my ideas and thoughts for launches, social media strategies, marketing campaigns, create flowcharts, and anything related to brainstorming big concepts. You can do A LOT with their free plan, and it's super easy to use.


If you manage Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Tik Tok (or all of them) together, then I highly recommend you check out Plann! This post scheduler app is very Instagram-focused, BUT it allows you to post and repurpose your social media posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tik Tok very easily. What makes Plann unique is that it will enable you to bake your social strategy right into their interface, so you can stay focused and streamline your planning and posting process. I use the paid version, but the free plan will get you far with one brand/business.


It's nice to have a second pair of eyes on your content, but there isn't always someone to help proofread your posts or other marketing materials! Grammarly is my go-to tool to use to check for spelling and grammar mistakes. They have a desktop app, website, and mobile app!

My Recommended Books & Resources

Contagious by Jonah Berger

A great book that explains why and how things go viral! One of my favorite books ever! Get your copy here

Purple Cow by Seth Godin 

This a great resource that describes how you can differentiate yourself from other businesses. Get your copy here.

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