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You CAN Create Highly-Engaging Social Media Posts Even If You Don’t Have Time To Post For Your Veterinary Practice

The truth is that marketing your veterinary practice on social media can be stressful and overwhelming.


There's getting to know how each social media platform works, coming up with things to post onto social media, create the posts, write captions, understanding how engagement works, and the list can go on!


On top of that, figuring out how social media can generate clients and revenue for your veterinary practice feels like a huge hurdle to overcome on its own!

Let's not forget about the other hats you wear for your practice.


Social media is probably not your only responsibility at the practice. 


As a result, social media gets placed on the back burner because everything else seems to take precedence, leaving social media with whatever is left over of your time and energy. 

Even when you get designated time for marketing and social media you feel the weight of doing it all yourself to be creatively draining and lonely.

Enter the blank stare into your screen as you search the internet for quick and easy post ideas to use, just to check off “post to social media” off your to-do list. 

I get it; I was once in your shoes.

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Let me introduce myself.

I'm Cheyanne Flerx, a former Veterinary Assistant and Clinic Marketing Manager turned Veterinary Social Media Coach. 

Social Media Marketing is my JAM, and I want to help you get out of the trenches and provide the tools and support you need to claim power over social media.

I have been managing social media for veterinary clinics, veterinary consultants, and industry tech companies internationally over the last 8 years. I've been honored to serve entities such as Debbie Boone, Jessica Vogelsang, VitusVet, Snout School, AAHA, and VetHive.

In all the years I have been managing social media for other veterinary businesses, I have also been teaching, educating, and coaching hundreds of veterinary professionals and hospitals on how to manage DIY social media for their own practices.


Here's the kicker, I used to STRUGGLE with trying to juggle between my time on the floor with patients and my time keeping up with the clinic’s social media presence and producing social media posts that would perform. 


After dividing my time between roles for 2 years, I got burned out from the grind and started to see how to make it easier and reduce my chronic stress. 


I almost left the industry. 

Me with Laser patient.png
Happy in clinic.png

In my search, I became obsessed with improving my social media skills and figuring out how to do it in less time and with less stress, all while generating better results. 


I started to study what makes a post engaging, captivating, and attractive to pet owners and clients. I researched how the social media algorithms actually work and managed the posts I was producing. I tested idea after idea, different posting formats, and took what I learned from my trial and error and honed my craft. 


I started to see AMAZING results. My clinic’s Facebook following doubled, and clients were engaging and LOVING what I was sharing. 


I was finally able to cut out all the time-wasting methods that weren’t serving me and focus my energy and attention on what I needed to.

I learned A LOT during that obsessive learning journey, but I spent HOURS and WEEKS and invested HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of dollars, into myself to grow and develop the skills and knowledge I have today.


Why am I telling you this? 


I want to share everything that I have learned and invested in myself and share it with you and save you the time and money it would take you to discover what social media post ideas actually work and those that work well for your practice.


This is why I created Vet Social Hub!

What is Vet Social Hub?

Vet Social Hub (VSH) is a social media content support membership for veterinary professionals looking to create engaging social media post in less time and with less stress. 

The Vet Social Hub Monthly Membership helps you:

  • Save time and energy in your planning so you can spend more time on the things you need to within the practice (or spend less time during your time off working on social media.)

  • Say goodbye to canned and generic social media graphics so that you can maintain your practice’s uniqueness and separate yourself from your competitors.

  • Uplevel the aesthetics of your posts so you can embrace your practice’s branding and gain more loyalty and recognition from clients and followers.

  • Feel confident in your social media posts so you can perform your best and have more energy and joy in your role.

  • To finally become more consistent in posting to social media and gain more attention from followers.

  • Feel more supported and less alone and isolated in your role so that you can accelerate in your role with more passion, joy, and confidence in what you are doing.

VSH Testimonal_ Susan.png
Here is what our members have to say about Vet Social Hub:
VSH testimonal.png
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The Vet Social Hub membership is the monthly membership every veterinary professional needs to help them save time and energy on creating and publishing social media posts for their practices. 

In Vet Social Hub, you will get: 

A monthly social media posting calendar with 12+ social media post ideas delivered to your inbox so that you don’t have to spend time brainstorming and planning your social media posts for the month.

Matching Canva and caption templates to the post ideas on the calendar so that you can easily customize and spend less time creating social media posts.

Access to monthly accountability from Cheyanne and other members so that you can consistently get all your social media posts for the entire month created and scheduled ahead of time!

Access to a members-only Facebook group so that you can ask questions and bounce ideas off of other VSH members.

Access to Cheyanne to seek advice, gain support, pick her brain, and even receive social media account audits so you can better navigate whatever social media throws at you.

Yours for only $47 USD a month!
An annual plan is available too!
Here are some of the templates Vet Social Hub has offered:
VSH Membership Chart.png
An annual plan is available too!

Common Questions:

Who is Vet Social Hub for?

Practice owners, practice managers, veterinary technicians,  veterinary assistants, receptionists, and anyone managing social media for their veterinary practice who needs more time and energy. This membership is geared towards general practices, but other types of practices (i.e., cats-only, exotics, mixed practice, equine, etc.) can take the post ideas and templates focused on health topics and adapt them to fit their needs or gain inspiration. We strive to make the template as flexible as possible for everyone, so we provide additional notes on how practices can tailor the templates to fit their services and clientele.

What happens if I decide Vet Social Hub is not a good fit for me or I need to cancel?   

Refunds are not available because this is a digital product, and you get direct and instant access to our template library. However, you can cancel any time and use your membership until the end of its term.

Do I need to have a Canva Pro subscription to use the templates?

No! The free plan through Canva is sufficient. However, there are some beneficial features with the paid Canva Plan, Canva Pro. If you'd like to learn more about what's included in Canva Pro (paid subscription), you can visit my affiliate link here.

Do I need a Canva account to use the templates?

Yes. You can use either the free or paid version. If you'd like to learn more about the different levels of Canva accounts, you can do so here. 


Will the templates work for all types of practices?

Yes! Some templates on health topics are geared towards small animal practices; however, the templates are customizable and easy to tweak to fit your needs or use as a springboard for other post ideas. We strive to make the template as flexible as possible for everyone, so we provide additional notes on how practices can tailor the templates to fit their services and clientele.  We are looking to include templates geared towards various practices in the near future.


Do you offer group pricing for more than one hospital?

Please email us at to inquire about group pricing. 


Why is the membership available only for a limited time? 

We like to be sure we offer the best service to our existing members, so we want to be sure we can support the existing members before we invite more members to join. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

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