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14 Social Media Post Ideas to Boost Engagement for Your Veterinary Practice

Capturing the attention of pet owners in the digital age can be challenging. If you're social media is feeling a bit sluggish in the engagement department, you definitely want to keep reading...

In this blog post, I'm breaking down post ideas specifically curated for sparking engagement - from interactive games to heartwarming pet stories and pet photos, these creative strategies will help you connect with your audience on a deeper level, encouraging likes, shares, and meaningful interactions.

Let's get into these proven techniques and watch your social media engagement take off!


🐱 Show us the last picture you took of your pet. Unfortunately, this one is limited to Facebook only, but is a great way to get people sharing photos of their pets... 

🐶 Post your pet’s name without the vowels! See who can guess it correctly.

🐱 Let’s play a game: Write the letters in your pet's name alphabetically and put them in the comments. Then we’ll let others guess what it is!

🐶 Spell your pet’s name using only emojis.

🐱 How did you know your pet was the one for you?

🐶 Tell us how many pets you have with using only emojis. 

🐱 Tell us you're a pet owner, without telling us you're a pet owner.

🐶 Replace the vowels in your pet’s name with “oodle".

🐱 What is your pet’s favorite thing to do? 

🐶 Fill in the blank using your phone's predictive text, “Today my pet and I will ______”.

🐱 Describe your pet in 3 words. 

🐶 Tell us one quirky thing about your [insert animal species here].

🐱 Hello my name is... This has always been a fun and engaging post, but it can be very involved, so be prepared to take some time to respond in the comments are the post can flop fast!

Basically, someone will respond with their pet's name, and you'll look up the name in your PMS database, see how many other pets have the same name, and tell the follower in the comment.

🐶 Play "This or That" with your followers and ask them to pick which item their pet would prefer.


Looking for resources to help you with your social media? We've got you covered. 

🔎 Snag my free cheat sheet for 60 post ideas that will inspire fresh creativity for your posts.

📑 New to managing social media for your veterinary clinic? Grab my free quick start guide.

📅 Want a monthly posting calendar with Canva templates and caption prompts delivered straight to your inbox? Check out the Vet Vibes Hub Membership.

📌 If nailing social media for your veterinary practice is a goal of yours this year, you definitely don't want to miss out on my course Veterinary Social Media Foundations.  

✨ And don't forget to join my free Facebook group for Veterinary Social Media Managers.


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