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19 Social Media Post Ideas to Showcase Your Team and Veterinary Clinic

It's time to put your veterinary clinic and its dedicated team in the social media spotlight!

Showcasing the hard work, expertise, and friendly faces behind your practice is a fantastic way to build trust and connect with your community. In this blog post, we're sharing some creative and engaging social media post ideas designed to highlight your clinic and celebrate your team members. From behind-the-scenes glimpses and staff spotlights to fun team activities and heartfelt testimonials, these ideas will help you create authentic content that resonates with pet owners and strengthens your clinic's online presence.

Now, let's get into the post ideas so you can start making your clinic and team members shine on social media!


01. Share the story behind your clinic's motto/mission statement. 

02. Share about an organization, charity, or local business your clinic partner's up with. 

03. Share why your team is a huge advocate in preventing a certain cause, disease, illness.

04. Celebrate your team members' birthdays.

05. Celebrate your team members' work anniversaries. 

06. Take each of your core values and break them down into individual posts and share how it improves your medicine and the quality of patient care.

07. Have 1-2 team members share quick facts about a health topic:

✅ Showing props or items the pet shouldn’t have  

✅ Showing things you recommend all pet owners have

✅ Ways clients can make appointments

✅ Listing 5-6 things owners need to know

08. Doing a mini-series where a team member does a hospital tour of each room and briefly explains what the room is for and how it benefits patients.

09. Ask the entire team one question and record their answers on camera.

Here are some sample questions you could ask:

✅ What is your favorite movie?

✅ What is your favorite song?

✅ What is your favorite thing about working at Westway?

✅ How long have you been working at Westway?

✅ Are you team dog or cat?

✅ What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

✅ What would you do if you didn’t work at an animal clinic instead?

What kind of animals do you own? 

✅ What is your favorite animal health topic to talk about? 


You could also ask questions related to the specific time of year, too!

10. Do a series where team members answer FAQs clients are asking. 

11. Have team members show demos of how to do SubQs, nail trims, brush teeth, or any other procedures pet owners need to know how to do at home.

12. Feature team members with their pets and introduce people to team members doing activities with their pets. 

13. Share fun facts about team members. 

14. Do mini Vlogs where you show “A Day in the Life of the [INSERT YOUR HOSPITAL'S NAME] Team”.

15. Share mini updates on current events or things happening in your community that affects pets.

16. Play “This or That” with your team and ask members which they would rather choose between 2 different items. (Ex: chocolate or vanilla, dogs or cats, etc.)

17. Brag about your team's hard work and share why your clinic loves your team.

18. Share updates on your clinic pet and how they boost team and client moral. 

19. Highlight different areas in your clinic, share the purpose of each room, and why it benefits patients. It could be a whole video tour or single posts with short videos for each room.


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