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We offer a variety of options to fit the individual goals, budgets, and culture of veterinary practices.

Vet Social Hub Membership

Vet Social Hub (VSH) is a monthly social media template membership for veterinary practices looking for social media post calendars to help them increase their posting consistency and engagement on social media. Each month, we provide you with post ideas, Canva & and caption templates, direct feedback and support, and more straight to your inbox! 

Custom Social Media Strategy & Marketing Plans

If you are pressed for time and want social media post templates but want more than just a general posting calendar, then this custom option may be for you. This package will provide you with a custom social media strategy that comes with a social media page audit, a suggested strategy to reach your marketing goals, social media post templates with your branding branded, and unlimited email access to Cheyanne for 3-months.


Contact us today to inquire for more details. 


Both in-person events and remote


Cheyanne is passionate about helping veterinary practices and their teams to understand and use social media more effectively and efficiently while making it fun and straightforward along the way! As a former Veterinary Assistant and Clinic Marketing Manager, Cheyanne provides seasoned social media marketing knowledge and modern strategies crafted to help the entire veterinary team use social media in a way that makes sense to them.


The following list includes topics Cheyanne is currently offering:   


  • Managing Social Media for a Vet Clinic for Beginners 

  • How to Create & and Implement an Efficient Marketing Plan 

  • Developing the Perfect Posting Calendar 

  • Secrets to Stepping Up Your Social Media Engagement

  • The 6 Habits Every Vet Social Media Manager Should Have

  • Top Marketing Mistakes Your Team is Making with Social


Are you interested in other topics? If you have something specific in mind, please email us at contact

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