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5 Post Ideas to Show Team Appreciation on Social Media

Updated: Apr 24

From showcasing staff for Vet Tech Week, Veterinary Receptionist's Week or Vet Assistant Appreciation Week to bringing a little fun to your social media so you can connect with your audience on a different level, while also showing your team appreciation, these 5 post ideas are going to give you some inspiration so you can plan ahead.

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Even if there isn't an upcoming "holiday", sharing behind-the-scenes of your staff gives your followers and current clients a chance to recognize and celebrate your team as well as offers a great opportunity for them to connect with the team on a more personal level.

In today's post I'm highlighting five ways you can, fairly quickly, gather some content that will be fun and engaging for both the team and your audience.

Number 1

Record a quick video of your teammate in an interview-style, answering questions about themselves. What this may look like:

  • fun facts about themselves - both related to pet care & some personal

  • questions related to their journey to vet med or their time spent in vet med

  • favorite moment of the week involving a patient or client

Number 2

Have your team members share their go-to tips for pet care. As someone who is directly in the pet care industry, we think differently and of course have different knowledge than are clients, or audience. Sharing professional, yet practical tips as an experienced employee of a veterinary hospital will showcase the authority and expertise of staff members and reassure clients when they're in-office that the entire staff is well-equipped to care for their pets.

Number 3

Share pictures of your teammates pets with notes from the perspective of their pet. This is a creative way to add a fun and personal touch to your social media accounts. You may have a note that reads, "Thanks so much for taking good care of me [name of teammate], please tell your co-workers I need more treats!"

Number 4

Create a video slideshow with pictures of your teammates and the behind-the-scenes work they do. This is a great opportunity to highlight the entire journey of your clients and their pets - from scheduling and checking in to treating the animals. Not only does this allow your clients to "put a face to the name", but it also allows them to see the teamwork and the process of what it's like to be "inside" the clinic or hospital setting.

If you have a large team, I encourage highlighting each member in one specific area in a fun, visual way.

Two programs I use for creating all my visuals are Canva and CapCut - these are both great, user-friendly options for being able to design graphics and edit videos that are professional and appealing for your social media accounts.

If you have questions about either of these platforms, please reach out to me on Instagram in a direct message, email me or drop a comment in our Facebook Group - I'd love to be able to support you in this area.

Number 5

It's time to play a game! Maybe you've seen this before, but I always find it creative and engaging when accounts play "2 truths and a lie". What this looks like: you post 3 statements with an image of your team member and have your audience answer in the comments which one they believe is a lie. This game is such a great way to bring some fun, personal facts into the workplace and for your clients to see a different side of your team.

I also recommend the staff getting in on this, too and adding in their thoughts in the comments to better get to know their team members and encourage others to engage with the post as well.


While all of these suggestions are great for showcasing your team and showing your appreciation, they are also a fun and unique way to encourage engagement on your social media accounts as well as offer the opportunity to open up conversations next time your client sees your staff in the office or hospital setting.

I hope that these five ideas inspire and encourage you to start gathering some information from your teammates so you can plan ahead for your social posts. And be sure to come back here to leave a comment or reach out to me on socials to let me know what idea(s) you're using and how it went with your audience!


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