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9 Engaging Social Media Post Ideas for Vet Tech Week

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Written by Cheyanne Flerx and originally posted on

The third week of October is when we celebrate our hard-working Veterinary Technicians. Whether your practice celebrates only the veterinary technicians or the whole support team, you can use social media to invite your clients to join in the celebration and convey the value your team holds.

Below is a list of post ideas for Vet Tech Week you can use to spark creativity or speed up your post planning.

Idea #1: Two Truths And a Lie

This classic game gets a new twist for Vet Tech Week. All you have to do is share three statements: two truths and one lie about one of your technicians and have your clients guess which one is the lie in the comments.

This post is an excellent way for your clients to get to know your staff better in a fun and engaging way. You can easily publish this post on Facebook, Instagram, or Instagram Stories. With the Stories feature, your clients can send a message with their guesses, or you could use the “Poll” sticker if the feature is available on your Instagram account.

Idea #2: Guess Who?

Another fun game to play is Guess Who. You post a question about one of your technicians and ask your clients to guess who it is. On the visual for the post, include the names of a couple of techs as options to choose from. You can include pictures and assign a letter to each name to make it easy for clients to submit an answer.

For example, Cindy would be “A,” Laurie would be “B,” and Ashley would be “C.” In the caption of your post, include the link to your team’s bio on your website to make it easier for clients to 1) read more about your team as they look for the answer and 2) increase your website traffic (maybe even convert a client or two as a result!)

Idea #3: What is a Veterinary Technician?

Educate your clients on what exactly Veterinary Technicians do to provide quality patient care. Break down the duties and tell your clients why each aspect of the job is essential for their pet’s health. You’d be surprised to hear that clients do not know what Veterinarian Technicians actually do in the hospital. In your caption, you could ask your clients to give your techs a round of applause for all the work they do for clients.

The team at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital did a great job of sharing the details with their clients.

Helping Hands Pet Hospice did a video version of this post idea, and it's golden!

Need more post ideas? We give them to you monthly WITH Canva templates! Learn more here.

Idea #4 Behind The Scenes

Take your clients behind the scenes and back to the treatment area and SHOW them what the team does to provide patient care. For example, show your clients how the technicians run labs, give sub q fluids, take x-rays, prepare for a dental procedure, answer phones, or something they usually don’t see that conveys the roles and responsibilities technicians perform.

Jacqueline posted a perfect example of this on Main Street Animal Hospital’s Facebook page.

Idea #5 Then & Now

Many veterinary professionals have been passionate about animals since childhood or have pursued veterinary medicine for many years. This post idea illustrates this point well by showing a glimpse of the technician's past and present with photos or videos!

To create this post, you'll need a team member's childhood picture with animals for the "then" photo and a current photo of the technician with a patient for the "now." For the caption, tell your clients how happy you are to have the featured technician as a part of your team. You can then ask clients to share a favorite memory with your featured team member.

Idea #6 Ask Fun Interview Questions

Get on a more personal level and ask your teammates questions that humanize your technicians more and give clients a chance to connect with your team on a different level.

For this post idea, interview your team on camera or in written form and ask them interview-style questions like: