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10 Social Media Posts Veterinary Clinics Should Use in December

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

By: Cheyanne Flerx

In December, many practices focus on fun and safety tips surrounding Christmas and New Year, which can get tiresome and boring year after year, am I right? So, I’m here to help you take your typical December social media posts up a notch and bring them to life, all while helping you to increase your engagement and convert business!

  1. Charity Support: If your clinic supports a local charity or partners up with a special cause, use this time to share about it on your socials and encourage people to join you and support the mission! This could be a post that shares why you support this charity or organization with a link to donate. Or you could make a video showing your team supporting the cause and inviting people to donate this holiday season.

  2. Vet-Recommended Holiday Treats: Take a moment to share some of your favorite pet holiday treats so your followers can either purchase them for their pets, give them as gifts, or have them on hand for their houses. This could be a graphic with the items or a short video of your team with the treats and doing tricks with their pets.

  3. Preparing for the Holiday: To help reduce the last-minute rush of refill requests, remind clients to get their pet's needs a week or 2 before the holiday hours affect. You can also send this to your clients via email and provide links to any of your online options to make it convenient for clients to get what they need and do business with you. In this email, you can even send your holiday hours and prepare your clients for the change in hours.

  4. Announce Your Holiday Hours: Notify your clients and followers of your holiday hours early in the month. This is a straight-up informational post, so you may not get much visible engagement, but that's ok! The whole point is to inform and to display how strong your clinic’s communications skills are.

  5. Gift Giving Guide for Pet Owners: Got any amazing gift ideas for pet lovers you like to share with your clients? Put them on this list! Do you offer gift certificates or fun merch or even some great pet products? Add them to this list! This post will help followers to get gift ideas for their friends and family AND generate some revenue and referrals for your clinic. You could encourage people to come into the practice or visit your online pharmacy.

  6. Naughty or Nice?: Strike up some engagement by asking, “Do you think your pet is on the naughty or nice list this year?” Post the question as text through Facebook's native background feature, in a graphic, or post this question as text in your Instagram stories and see what people say. Get your team involved in the comments to help drum up engagement too!

  7. Presents for Pets: Ask your followers, “What are you getting your pet for Christmas?” The whole point of this post is to get people to comment! You can insert this question in a graphic, as text through Facebook's native background feature, or post this question as text in your Instagram stories. If you get a ton of cool ideas in the comments, you can repurpose the ideas and make a new post sharing those ideas as recommendations.

  8. Showing Gratitude: Use this post to share how grateful you are for your clients and endorse the positive actions you enjoy from clients. Take a picture or a video of your team celebrating and add the media in a holiday-themed frame. In the caption, share your story and what it means to you and your team to be able to serve clients and have a presence in the community.

  9. Looking Back on The Year: In this post, reflect and share all the memories or progress your hospital has made or experienced. In the caption, give a summary of everything that has happened and the memories you share. This is an easy post as you use photos and videos you already have from the months prior.

  10. Christmas Eve Cheer: Boost your engagement and encourage pet owners to share their pet's photos showing off their pet’s festive fashion in the comments on Facebook. Use this as another opportunity to share your holiday hours in the caption if followers don’t see your previous announcement.

Like what you see so far? We've got matching Canva templates to go with these ideas! Snag your FREE Canva Templates for December here!

Popular social media calendar holidays I suggest you focus

Outside of the major holidays this month, there aren't a ton of calendar holidays that are really worth focusing on, but there are a couple that is fun to incorporate to show how your team’s fun side and humanize your social media presence.

  • Gingerbread House Day: Does your team decorate gingerbread houses? If so, why not have a gingerbread decorating contest and share the photos on social media and ask people to vote for their favorite ones in the comments? It’s not only fun for your team but fun for your followers!

  • National Ugly Sweater Day: Does your team dress up in Ugly Sweaters for Christmas? Show off the sweaters on social media and encourage people to show theirs or their pet's in the comments! You could even do a quick fashion show on video of the sweater people are wearing and ask people to share who wore the sweaters the best.

Does your clinic have an Elf on the Shelf?

Try these fun ideas to have your Elf do fun things that promote your clinic:
  • Elf looking through a microscope

  • Taking an x-ray of the elf (uh-oh, what did Elf swallow?!)

  • Cleaning hospital cat cages

  • Elf playing with puppies coming in for their first vaccinations

  • Elf inside the treat containers

  • Elf reading veterinary journals

  • Elf playing/stuck with your wrap materials

  • Elf helping with a dental cleaning

  • Elf stuck in a pill bottle

  • Elf hospitalized for doing something naughty

  • Elf on the phone

  • Elf writing up health certificates

  • Elf counting pills

  • Elf having too much fun with the photocopier

  • Elf performing surgery on a stuffed animal

  • Elf watching/entertaining hospitalized patients

  • Elf getting coffee and holding up the line for coffee in the morning

  • Elf snuggling with patients

  • Elf making appointment

There are so many fun photos and more ideas you can do too. In your caption, you can ask followers to follow along for the Elf's journey, make an appointment, visit your website for more info, and more!

For more examples, check out this blog post I co-wrote for Snout School for more inspiration!

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