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18 Tried & True December Social Media Post Ideas for Veterinary Clinics

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Prefer to listen to this blog on the go? We did a full podcast episode on these post ideas and went into even further detail on how to incorporate them with your clinic! Take a listen to the episode above or here.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with all the seasonal hustle and bustle, don't worry—here are 18 December social media post ideas you can use for your veterinary practice this year!

1. Holiday Hours Announcement:

Share your holiday hours with a graphic listing the days your clinic is closed for holidays. Post this multiple times throughout the month to ensure all your followers are aware of any schedule changes.

2. Prescription Refill Reminder:

Remind your audience to refill prescriptions and stock up on pet food before the holidays. Share the various ways they can do this, such as using an app or an online prescription request form.

3. Team Activities and Contests:

Showcase your team's holiday celebrations, parties, and contests. Engage your audience by asking them to vote on their favorite entries from the team activities like gingerbread house decorating or an ugly sweater contest.

4. Community Event Participation:

Highlight your involvement in local community events, such as community tree decorating or local charity events. Showcase your practice's connection with the community, fostering positive relationships with photos and videos.

5. Seasonal Dangers Reminder:

Educate your audience about seasonal dangers for pets, such as toxic foods and decorations. Find creative ways to present this information, like creating graphics or recording team members discussing the risks.

6. Charity or Shelter Drive:

Partner with a local charity or shelter for a holiday drive and host a fundraiser within your clinic. Encourage clients to contribute to the cause, whether it's donating food, toys, or funds. Share updates on your progress toward donation goals.

7. Elf on the Shelf Series:

Create a fun series featuring your clinic's Elf on the Shelf. Share the elf's adventures and incorporate educational content or promotions. Find creative ways to engage your audience and keep the content fresh. Visit the end of this blog for more ideas on how to incorporate your elf in your social media posts.

8. Team Holiday Favorites:

Showcase your team's holiday traditions, favorite activities, or festive moments. Record team members sharing their holiday memories or preferences. This humanizes your practice and creates a connection with your audience.

9. Holiday Photo Contest:

Host a photo contest where clients submit festive pictures of their pets. Encourage participation by offering prizes or featuring the winning entries on your social media. This engages your audience and generates user-generated content. Learn how to host a pet photo contest on social media in this article.

Like what you see so far? We've got matching Canva templates to go with these ideas! Download your FREE Canva Templates for December here!

10. 12 Days of Christmas Countdown:

Create a countdown to Christmas with daily giveaways or promotions. Collaborate with local businesses for joint giveaways and make each day special for your clients. Keep it simple and engaging.

11. Highlight Your Christmas Tree Tradition:

Showcase your clinic's Christmas tree and any unique traditions associated with it. Feature custom ornaments, client-contributed decorations, or remembrance ornaments to honor pets that have passed.

12. Santa Paws Photo Booth:

Set up a Santa Paws photo booth for clients to take festive pictures with their pets. Offer to take and frame the photos or encourage clients to share them on social media, promoting your practice in the process.

13. New Puppies and Kittens Education:

Address the reality of new pets being brought into homes during the holidays. Provide tips for responsible pet gifting or preparing for a new addition. Educate your audience on the importance of thoughtful pet adoption.

14. Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers:

Curate lists of great gifts for pet owners, tailoring them to specific pet types (puppy, kitten, exotic, equine). Include items available at your clinic and subtly suggest gift certificates for your services.

15. Weather Reports and Preparedness Tips:

Share weather reports and tips to prepare pets for changing weather conditions. Offer practical advice for dealing with cold snaps or heatwaves, enhancing your clinic's relevance to pet owners.

16. Remembrance Wall:

Consider creating a remembrance wall to honor pets that have passed away. Share photos or artwork from clients on social media, fostering a sense of community and empathy.

17. Fireworks Tips for New Year's Eve:

Provide tips for managing pets during New Year's Eve fireworks. Educate your audience on stress-free techniques and offer any relevant products or services your clinic provides.

18. Year in Review Recap:

Celebrate the highlights of the past year with a recap post. Showcase top-performing socia

l media posts, memorable moments, and express gratitude to your clients for their support. Look forward to the new year together.


Bonus Ideas for your Elf on the Shelf

Try these fun ideas to have your Elf do fun things that promote your clinic:
  • Elf looking through a microscope

  • Taking an x-ray of the elf (uh-oh, what did Elf swallow?!)

  • Cleaning hospital cat cages

  • Elf playing with puppies coming in for their first vaccinations

  • Elf inside the treat containers

  • Elf reading veterinary journals

  • Elf playing/stuck with your wrap materials

  • Elf helping with a dental cleaning

  • Elf stuck in a pill bottle

  • Elf hospitalized for doing something naughty

  • Elf on the phone

  • Elf writing up health certificates

  • Elf counting pills

  • Elf having too much fun with the photocopier

  • Elf performing surgery on a stuffed animal

  • Elf watching/entertaining hospitalized patients

  • Elf getting coffee and holding up the line for coffee in the morning

  • Elf snuggling with patients

  • Elf making appointment

There are so many fun photos and more ideas you can do too. In your caption, you can ask followers to follow along for the Elf's journey, make an appointment, visit your website for more info, and more!

For more examples, check out this blog post I co-wrote for Snout School for more inspiration!


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