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10 Tried and True February Social Media Post Ideas for Veterinary Hospitals

Updated: Jun 3

Whether your veterinary clinic has a presence on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media accounts, these tried and true social media post ideas for your clinic will be useful to you!

Post Ideas For February Themes:

Here are 10 ideas you can use to bring these themes to life in an engaging way that still converts followers into paying clients:

  • Teeth Brushing 101: Does your team offer demos on how to show pet owners how to brush their pets' teeth? Break down the process in written form and briefly list the steps in a graphic design and share how pet owners can brush their pet's teeth at home. PRO TIP: If you sell dental products that help at-home dental care, feel free to mention them in the caption.

  • Recommended Dental Products: Do you recommend any products to your pet owners? Make a short-form video or a graphic that shows each product you recommend and why. Pet owners will love recommendations from a trusted source.

  • Perks to Professional Dentals: This is a great way to briefly list the benefits of having a patient under anesthesia during dental procedures. Use this post to directly promote your dental services all year round, even if you aren't running specials for Dental Month. This is a great way to bring awareness to your service, even if it is booked later down the road.

If you need help determining how often you should be posting, check out How Often to Post on Social Media as a Veterinary Hospitals

  • Team Love: Take this time to brag about your team, join in on the Valentine's Day vibe, and share why your clinic loves your team. If you are hiring, this might be a natural time to mention it and share how people can apply to work with you.

  • Pet Date Night Ideas: Got any fun places in your community that would make a great place for a pet owner or a family to spend time with their pet? Share those places or fun date ideas with your followers and spark some fun creativity for them!

  • Valentine's Day Photo Booth: Host an area in your building where clients can take pictures of their pets with a fun Valentine's Day theme backdrop and encourage people to share those photos on social media or take the photo for the client if you feature their pet on your page.

  • Share the love: Ask your followers what one thing they love the most about their pet and encourage them to share their answers in the comments.

  • Cats Only!: Does your clinic feature a Feline Only Exam room or offer special Feline exclusive amenities? Show it off and share why having these amenities are so special for the patient's experience and their owners. Here is an example of a post I did a while back:

  • Cat Can't Come In: Collecting cats to go to the vet, as we know, can be challenging; share some quick tips to help to come to your office less stressful and easier for the client.

  • Spay & Neuter Totals: Bring awareness to the number of patients you spay or neuter this month and share the total number of procedures you complete. Then, share some quick math on approximately how many lives were impacted by this simple procedure.


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