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Knowing the Why Behind Leveraging Social Media for Your Veterinary Hospital

Updated: Jun 3

As you're reading this, I want it to meet you exactly where you're at in the current social media efforts for the practice you're supporting. Take the time to digest the information, review it with management if needed, and reflect on what's currently in place to determine how to move forward so the social media strategies are in alignment with the hospital's values and goals.

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You have a social media account but don't have a strategy or even know why you need one. Does that sound familiar? When starting a social media journey as a veterinary practice, I feel like one big thing is typically overlooked- the WHY.

Social media isn't just another marketing tactic, and it's definitely not because "everyone else is doing it" - so what is the value of social media when it comes to your hospital or clinic?

Let's dive a little deeper into why it's important and how it can be an impactful tool for your veterinary practice.

Attract Local Pet Owners

When considering the information being shared on the hospital's social media accounts, it's important for the primary focus to be serving your local community. Often times, when we implement social media, the focus is on follower count, and for a brick-and-mortar business, that is not a priority.

You can only serve those who are located near your business, so reaching an audience that is hundreds or thousands of miles away is not going to convert to in-house business. Building an online audience that is local to the clinic helps to develop community ties and will result in more community awareness.

Connect and Communicate with Existing Clients

If you're supporting a multi-generational hospital that is established in the community, your focus may not be on attracting local pet owners but continuing to build connections and communicate with clients throughout the year.

Social media provides an evergreen opportunity to stay in connection with clients. Time in the exam room is limited, so utilizing social media allows the clinic to educate clients on various pet health tips, make them aware of new products that have become available, or share information on vaccines.

Social media is also a means of providing clinic updates - maybe the clinic hours are changing, or there's a special on pet food or medication that you want to share with your existing clients.

Continuity of communication, outside of just when their pets are in the office, is a great way to build on those established relationships and develop loyal clients that will refer your practice time and time again.

Attract New Clients and Potential Employees

That's right, social media isn't just for educating and updating your existing clients - social media can attract new clients and even potential employees.

When thinking about the online presence of the hospital or clinic, it's important to keep in mind that this platform may likely be the first impression for someone new to the area or looking for a new veterinary practice.

Simply sharing basic clinic information like the hours of operation or frequently asked questions isn't going to convert a consumer to a client or employee, but sharing details about the services that are offered, images of the team, photos of pets being cared for, positive reviews, or a recent event that was just hosted is going to give them a more transparent view into the clinic atmosphere or culture.

Stay Top of Mind

An active social media account is going to help keep your practice top of mind. When a strategy is established, it's easier to stay consistent with posting, and when there's consistency in online presence, the posts are likely to be seen more often by your audience [followers]. Seeing the name of a business regularly, in addition to the valuable content being shared, will increase client retention and referrals.

Direct Traffic to the Hospital Website

Social media is a great opportunity to get new eyes on your website, which can result in new clients. Directing traffic from social media to your website can also initiate clients downloading your app or calling to schedule new client visits.

This is also a great way to prove ROI [return on investment]. As a social media manager, you can pull metrics and refer to a specific post or post topic that generated new consults or new clients. Providing those results over time will show that the hospital's investment in social media services is valuable to the practice.

Cultivate Loyal Clients

Maybe the hospital you're supporting has a strong, established client base so attracting new clients isn't the goal - social media is the perfect opportunity to build on those cultivated relationships with existing clients. As people begin to see the value the hospital is providing through social media, they'll also see that the clinic is invested in more than the in-office transactions.

As you share more on social media, clients become engaged in the posts and begin connecting with the hospital and team outside of the clinic setting. This is a great way to expand on the hospital environment and culture.


There truly is something to be said about the connections that develop when a person feels like they are getting more than just a surface-level experience. Capturing behind-the-scenes, in-action images and videos and showing the faces of the hospital team allows clients to make a more personal connection.

This gives them a glimpse into what it's like to have their pet(s) cared for and feel like they know staff when they come into the hospital and see a familiar face. Sharing behind-the-scenes content also provides an opportunity to expand on your hospital's individuality.

Additionally, it offers the chance to showcase a specific problem your clinic may be able to solve that a client was unaware you could solve, or that a prospective client was looking for and was unable to find until they came across your content.

When it comes to social media, remember, it's not something you're doing just to do or just because everyone else is doing it - it is full of potential and can have a significant impact on the veterinary practice when leveraged with a purpose.


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