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Quick Social Media Topics Every Veterinary Hospital Can Use In June

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Use these 10 topics to spark your creativity as you plan out your June veterinary social media posts.

1. Weather-related health risks

In the United States, this commonly refers to summer heat. Center your educational posts on quick tips to help reduce heat exhaustion, tips for protecting pets against activities in the sun, hydration tips, and ideas to keep pets cool are all great ways to do this! PRO TIP: Keep the text down to a minimum on your graphics (less is more!) Use the caption to convey most of your education while keeping it simple and to the point.

2. Parasite and insect protection

Parasites and insects are present year-round, but our clients and followers typically associate certain seasons with buggy activity. Use this to your advantage and remind clients and followers that these parasites and insects carry diseases and pose a potential health risk to their pets.

This is a great time to do a campaign to boost your preventative products and bring awareness that you have a solution to the disease these pesky creatures present. For those in emergency hospitals and specificities, you can speak to the more radical cases you see due to the diseases these parasites cause in your patients for

3. Travel Tips

Many people travel throughout the year, but summer is the peak season for most. Use this time to help pet owners plan ahead of time with getting health certificates, wellness exams, vaccine updates, and anything else you offer on their calendars. This will allow them to request your services before they need them.

4. Pet Care and Boarding Services

Another great topic related to traveling is helping pet owners decide and plan for care for their pets during trips and vacations. If you offer boarding services, this is a great time to show how your boarding services will provide care for the pet and solve a lot of the struggles and hesitations pet owners can have around trusting the care of their pet to someone. You could also share some tips on finding the right pet sitter and offering ways you can help make the pet sitter's job easier.

5. Community Events

If your practice does many community events, make sure your audience on social media knows about it! This is a great time to show how you are active in the community, invite people out to visit your booth or donate to your cause, and show what results from your event and the fun you had!

6. Father's Day

This is a great chance to show your team more on a personal note. Shout out to the dads on your team and show pictures with them and their families if they are comfortable with this idea. Also, you can use this to shout out to the supportive pet owners in your communities!

7. Pet Focused Holidays

Some social media holidays are purely focused on pets. Holidays like Social Petworking Month, Pet Appreciation Week (typically the week of June 5-11), and Take Your Pet to Work Week (typically the week of June 20-24) are excellent ones to prioritize because these generally are more popular ones everyone recognizes.

For these, you could do any sort of photo contest, play games, ask questions about your followers' pet's personalities, play word games, highlight your team members with their pets, and do anything that will get people to talk about their pets or pets in general! This is a time for you to bond with your followers and clients.

8. Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Celebrations

I don't know what it is about June and any other summer months, but there are many big celebrations to highlight! Use this time to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, or milestones for your practice, team members, or even your patients!

9. Highlight unique things about your practice

Does your practice offer unique things that make your client's experience memorable and more pleasurable? Use this time to highlight them and share why this makes a difference to your patients and why it's important to you and your team.

10. Toxic summer-related items

Summer social events like barbecues, camping, and other outdoor fun events can pose harmful situations for pets. Remind pet owners of those dangers while providing ways and ideas to make it a safe event for everyone.

BONUS: Be sure to start reminding your clients to prepare from The Fourth of July a couple of weeks prior to the holiday. This will help to prevent an insane amount of late minutes requests and your team will love you for it!

For more specific post ideas on each topic and matching templates to speed up your veterinary content creation, check out my monthly content support membership, Vet Social Hub.


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