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November Social Media Posts Every Veterinary Clinic Can Use

Popular topics a lot of hospitals focus on during November:

National Senior Pet Month:

  • Share facts about at what age pets are considered seniors

  • Provide tips on how owners of senior pets can make their pets happier and healthier

  • Highlight stories about your loyal patients and clients you've known since their pets were infants, and share what a blessing it has been to be a part of their life.

Thanksgiving (USA):

  • Share and remind people of your holiday hours and remind clients to refill RXs (do this a couple of times BEFORE the holiday)

  • Always a classic but oh-so-necessary, but remind pet owners of dangerous things that lurk during the holiday season. This would be a great time to host a live Q&A or post a series of quick videos that share quick tips to help pet owners avoid harm to their pets and what to do if their pet gets into trouble.

  • Share things your team is thankful for in working at your clinic. The positivity will be contagious!

  • If your team does any fun Thanksgiving activities, take pictures or videos and share those fun moments on social media! Your clients will love to be included.

  • Does your clinic support any local charities or community events during the month? Highlight those organizations and encourage people to support them too! This can be done through a direct promotional post or show footage of your team doing work with the charity.

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Popular social media calendar holidays I suggest you focus on more versus the others:

There aren't a ton of calendar holidays that are really worth focusing on this month, but here is a list of holidays and some ideas if you still want to focus on them.


  • 1-7: Bird Health Appreciation Week: if you see birds, this is a great week to ask owners to share videos or photos of their birds doing cool things or just to show off their beauty. You could even ask owners to share their birds' names and adoption stories. Also, sprinkle in some quick educational tips and tricks for birds that your team has discovered over the years that help keep birds healthier.

  • 6-12: National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week (first full week of November): Does your clinic work closely with a shelter? Partner up with them this week and co-promote your services and tell stories about the pets that need homes and vet care. You can also encourage pet owners who have rescued pets to tell their adoption stories and why they chose to adopt.


  • 11: Veterans Day (US): If your community is very supportive of Veterans, be sure you set time aside to thank your Veterans in your community, ask how your followers are showing their support, and how your clinic supports Veterans year-round.

  • 24: Thanksgiving Day (USA): See the ideas listed above!

  • 25: Black Friday: This is a day to remind owners that you are open and to remind them to pick up any products or medication before they head home from Black Friday shopping. You could even promote your online pharmacy or any specials you have if that is something your clinic offers. This might be a fun time to start a giveaway that lasts through Cyber Monday!

  • 26: Small Business Saturday: This is a great opportunity to show your support for the local businesses that your clinic works closely with. You can also share ways people can support a business in ways that don't always equate to spending money, like sharing a social media post, following a page, referring to a business, etc.


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